The Top Selling Cars in Winnipeg

If you are an autotrader, buyer or a seller in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is important to have an understanding of what consumers want and what they are buying. The top ten best selling vehicles in Winnipeg include:

1) Nissan Sentra; sales were down the least for this model. Perhaps attributed to the price point and practicality of the vehicle, it remains the province and the country’s best seller.

2) Ford Explorer; a diverse vehicle that is great for families or simply those who like adventure and need somewhere to keep their gear, this vehicle is known to be reliable, fuel efficient and value for money.

3) Ford Fusion; a spacious vehicle with an appealing price tag that also comes in a number of fun and exciting colours. These cars are known to last.

4) Hyundai Tucson; Lots of room for anything you may need it for, this vehicle is a great option for families of almost any size. Great feature to have the AWD in Winnipeg with the harsh winters.

5) Ford Edge; another success by Ford. Great features for life in Winnipeg. Awesome features and gas mileage as well.

6) Toyota Camry; new or used, these cars are popular for their durability and ability to withstand a lot!

7) Hyundai Accent; a hatchback without a hefty price tag, this car offers space and affordability in one little package. A great starter car or for young couples.

8)Chevrolet Equinox; Built to last, this car can stand up against almost anything you throw at it.

9)VW Golf; a great car across the board. The brand and the car have been around forever and are trusted by many.

10) Jeep Wrangler; the weather and conditions in Manitoba make the Jeep Wrangler even more fun to drive, especially off road and in the winter!

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