Mohawk Racing- A Different Kind of Racing

About Mohawk Racing

Mohawk Racing is a track located just outside Toronto Ontario in Campbellville. Woodbine Entertainment, the owner and operator of the track, owns many gambling, racing and related facilities in the area including the Woodbine Racetrack (which is actually located in the city of Toronto).

This track has lots of history as it has been around since 1963, when Woodbine Entertainment was known as the Ontario Jockey Club. The track is nearly a mile long, composed of limestone with the capacity to hold ten different racers/starters. There is a fairly long home stretch and a turn with a large radius as well.


Mohawk offers a number of ways to bet including single bets, pick 5 and other options. Most of the betting is done through live betting channels (online and at the race).

To bet, one must first decide their wager, i.e. how much they want to bet. Once that is decided, time to pick a horse. You can pick a horse based on your favourite coloured horse, their name or, if you are more serious, you can use their driving record and information to help guide your decision.Then it is time to pick your bet type; do you want to bet on the horse winning, placing or showing? Depends on your confidence level and what you are looking to get out of it. This decision is personal and relatively subjective. Finally, you take your bet to the window with all of the relevant information (i.e. horse name, number, bet amount, race number). Then you are (seriously) off to the races!

The Experience

Mohawk racing offers the full experience, from betting to dining and everything in between. The track is a great place to spend a day and is guaranteed fun for nearly everyone. Remember to bet responsibly and enjoy yourself! Mohawk is one of Canada’s leading tracks but there are always others to enjoy as well.

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