Montreal’s Racing Community

Montreal is a relatively well-known city in the racing community. Home to and previous host of a series of different racing events, there are many fans and a welcoming culture towards racing in Montreal.

Gilles Villeneuve Circuit

This is where the magic happens! This circuit has been the proud host of Formula One Canadian Grand Prix, World Sportscar Championship, Champ Car Series and NASCAR Montreal events such as Canadian Tire series and the Xfinity series.

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The layout of the track includes barriers very close to the track to which many drivers have fallen victim to. The “Mur du Quebec”is also an element that posed danger and hazard to drivers, as many drivers over the years have ended their races as a result of the wall. More recent additions to the curbs (i.e. higher curb) have made the track even trickier for drivers. This year, new regulations also required newer barriers as well which are predicted to help F1 drivers improve their time.

Nascar Montreal

Nascar is extremely prominent in Montreal, having historically held races and tournaments there every year. The Canadian Tire Series is strictly Canadian and was held in Montreal from 2007-2012. The Xfinity series, also hosted in Montreal several years, is a race where younger, newer drivers come to redeem and prove themselves in the world of NASCAR.

The Future of Racing in Montreal

Montreal has made its mark in the world of racing so much so that there are big plans for Montreal and its racing community. Formula E racing made its debut in the city this year, which is a race for electric cars, an extremely new and increasingly popular type of race across the world. There are plans for more races and the return of old favourites to the city as well in the near future.

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