Preparing for Race Day

If you are new to racing, have no fear, you are in the right place! Here you will find a guide on how to make sure you are your best self for Race Day! Check out our tips below to help minimize your stress and maximize your fun!

1) Get that car shined up! Do all of the prep work for your call well in advance to ensure it is not a last minute rush and that there are no last minute surprises.

2) Eat Well! Like any sport, eating a good meal before your race is important. Try and keep it light and healthy to stimulate your brain and prevent sugar crashes and lulls in energy or blood flow to the brain.

3) Relax! The entire 24 hours before your race should be as stress free as possible. Try and avoid stressful meetings at work, go to bed a little bit early, stick to easy watching tv shows, etc.

4) Leave Lots of Time! When you get to the track, you don’t just jump on and start the race, there are a number of tasks to be completed before you race including registration, drivers meeting, tune up, etc. Not to mention the fact that there is always lots to do at the track including slots, games and other opportunities to win big. It is important to stay relaxed and the slots are the perfect way to do so .

5) Dress Properly! In addition to your race wear, check the weather. Bring an umbrella, jacket, extra pants, hat sunscreen, whatever the weatherman says the weather will do, be ready for it!

6)Hydration! Bring LOTS of water, electrolyte drinks, juice, whatever keeps your body hydrated and happy. Hydration will keep you on your A game and at your peak performance which is obviously when you will be safest and performing the best.

7) Fly-sorry Drive-Solo! If it is your very first race, try and go solo. Focus on driving, not on guests or people you bring along, they may be an unnecessary distraction.

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