Specialty Cars Ottawa

Within Canada, Ottawa has a strong automotive community, including car enthusiasts, racers, buyers, and sellers. There are a number of shops, dealerships, and outlets for purchasing specialty cars and equally as many places to race, drive and show off these cars.

There are tracks and facilities for racing around the city. Only a short drive from Ottawa is the Calabogie Motorsport Park. This is a location that is popular for car and automotive enthusiasts as it offers a full track and access to those within their own cars as well as the ability to rent or drive one of the track owned sports vehicles.

In addition,there are a number of events from Redbull Rallycross to Show N’ Shines that offer a wide spectrum of exposure to car enthusiasts, autotraders and anyone interested. The city hosts events such as Ferrari fest as well for people to showcase their vehicles. Local listings and automotive forums can help you locate these events in and around Ottawa/National Capital Region.

If you are interested in more than just stopping by an event, a booth or an expo, check out and consider joining one of the numerous clubs and organizations that exist in and around the city from general racing societies to niche groups such as the Ferrari Club of Ottawa. More information can be found online and on the various organizations’ websites and web pages.

Auctions are a great way to get your hands on a specialty vehicle in the city. There are a number of organizations that host and put on auctions where cars of all shapes and sizes and statures can be found, bought sold and traded. ADESA, for example, offers access to an online auction for those looking for accessibility and interested in used cars. There are also events held at various locations that need to be attended in person.

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