Truck Trading in Ontario; All You Need to Know

If you’re an avid truck trader then you already know that trading in a truck can be tricky business. There are a number things to consider when trading in your truck and determining how and where to do it:

  • The mileage; remember that the amount of kms or miles on your truck are a large influence on the resale price. If your truck has a lot of mileage, consider trading it yourself for a new truck, for parts, cash, etc. Often this is less hassle with a mileage truck than taking it to a dealership.
  • The make and model; Some trucks are more popular than others. Make sure you do your research if you plan on selling independently (or even if you don’t) to understand the worth and resale price range. Consult friends and others who have the knowledge and be reasonable in your ask.
  • The Platform; The world of trucks can be intense. There are many people who are infatuated or heavily interested in trucks. This community has its own selling platforms including for example,an entire site dedicated just to trucks. Consider the amount of work and the novelty of your truck and give some thought to not limiting yourself to simply generic websites and apps but those for truck enthusiasts as well.
  • The wording of the ad; if you choose to list your truck or trade it independently (i.e. without the help of a dealership), make sure you create an enticing and descriptive ad. This includes high quality photos of your clean truck and wording that appeals to your target audience. Keep the ad short but make sure to capture all of the elements and features of the truck. Remember to keep it informal but remain professional- don’t use slang or improper grammar- you want to be taken seriously and do not want to be approached by low ballers.

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