Your Guide to Buying A Used Truck

Let’s face it- buying a new truck is expensive, really, really expensive. But you need one for work, or you want one to help you transport your things, or maybe you just have a truck hobby. Whatever the reason is, you are looking at getting a truck and a used truck is the more affordable, realistic option for you. Consider these pro tips when looking at used trucks for sale :

  • The Platform; Make sure you choose a trusted selling outlet that offers reliable service and full details on the vehicle before even going to see the truck. Beware of scams and dangerous situations, especially when looking online.
  • The Price; A car that seems too good to be true, probably is!
  • The Truck’s purpose; if you are looking for a sturdy new work horse that will double as family transportation, consider extended cab trucks with 4 doors and lots of room both in and outside. Depending on what you need the truck for, consider the engine as well, don’t go too big if you don’t need it but if you do, make sure to stick to larger engines like V8’s.
  • Fuel Economy; this may seem somewhat comical as many of us know that trucks aren’t the best vehicle to look at if fuel economy is something you value. With that said, some trucks are better than others and if you get a discount on a used truck, consider how old it is and how much you will actually be saving depending on its fuel economy.
  • Rear Wheel Drive vs 4WD vs. AWD; this circles back to what you need or want the truck for. This is an important consideration when picking a price and a truck.
  • Price: An obvious yet important consideration for anyone and everyone looking at trucks. Prices vary A LOT on used trucks so consider whether you’re willing to put work into the truck, how much work and how long you want the truck for, this will help determine your budget. Shop around for prices and NEGOTIATE!

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